Carmelo & Colonia


Carmelo & Colonia

Picturesque cobbled streets, cozy cafes and antique cars

Inspire memories of yesteryear in the quiet cities of Carmelo and Colonia del Sacramento. 

The city’s rustic charm gives travelers a true escape from the hustle and bustle of city. From horseback riding through the woodlands to fishing excursions and canoe trips, travel enthusiasts come here to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the countryside. Carmelo is also an up-and-coming wine region. The locally produced Tannat, made from a red grape from the southwestern France, is Uruguay’s signature wine.

Colonia del Sacramento, commonly regarded as the oldest city in Uruguay, has grown in size and population, but its original Historic Quarter, built by the Portuguese (and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site) still forms the heart of old town.

Important Notes

  • Easy access from Buenos Aires via a one-hour ferry
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