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Cool Blue Glaciers, Invigorating Treks and Jagged Peaks

Chile’s Southern Patagonia is considered by many to be the final frontier of the New World. Vast pampas dotted with the occasional estancia (farm) and trees deformed by the fierce Patagonian wind form an isolated landscape. In the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park, travelers along the winding trails get up-close-and-personal with dramatic mountain formations, vibrant forests, turquoise lakes, jagged glaciers, and roaring rivers – some of the last truly unspoiled nature on the planet.

Important Notes About Patagonia

  • The traditional idea is to go to Patagonia in the summer for the warmest climate, but going in the off season means less crowds and unique moments.
  • If you go in the spring (around November) you may witness guanacos giving birth to their babies, chulengos, and you’ll be sure to see gorgeous lady slipper blooms.
  • Fall is also a great time of year as the highs are still around 55 F and you will witness the changing of the seasons in a most dramatic way – stunning reds, yellows and oranges to contrast the deep blues and greens of the lakes and mountains.

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