Motemei: A Homegrown Culinary Experience


Motemei: A Homegrown Culinary Experience

Step into the food studio of Chef Patricio Cáceres. The name, Motemei, is a double reference to the word for a vendor of the traditional mote drink, made from whole wheat grains and apricot nectar, and a renowned former restaurant in Santa Cruz, Chile. At the new Motemei, conversation is as integral a part of the experience as the food and wine.

The eight-course tasting menu prepared from scratch in front of you draws on old Chilean recipes and emblematic ingredients but plays with modern flavors and techniques and benefits from the added touch of Cáceres’ own creative presentation.

Sit back and relax as the meal unfolds before you, narrated by the chef himself, one multilayered morsel at a time.


Please note: Price valid through September 30, 2017.

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1 day
Price Per Person $316 (based on 2)
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