Salta + Cafayate: High Altitude Winemaking at its Finest


Salta & Cafayate: High Altitude Winemaking at its Finest

Stunning northwestern Argentina has a wide range of contrasting microclimates in a single region, including temperate valleys, tropical forests and the high-altitude Andean desert. Vineyards stretch over 3,200 ha and thrive at remarkable altitudes. The charming town of Salta is renowned for its colonial architecture, striking landscapes and rich cultural history as part of the Inca Empire. In recent years, the viticulture industry has experienced great growth and development, especially in the production of high quality wines. Salta’s wines are increasingly capturing awards and attention around the globe. Cafayate, another seductive destination, is easily reached from Salta via the stark rockscapes of the Quebrada de Cafayate. It’s Argentina’s second most important center for quality wine production, but still has a tranquil small-town feel.

Day 01

Arrive in Salta, known for its colonial architecture, striking landscapes, and rich cultural history as part of the Inca Empire. Explore restaurants and cafes around the central square, relax and prepare for an amazing week ahead.

Day 02

Explore ancient Payogasta, an ancient town on the Inca Road. Enjoy a tasting of the world’s highest altitude wine (grown two miles above sea level).

Day 03

Enjoy a guided tour and a wine tasting at the Isasmendi family’s wine cellar. Then visit Bodega Colome, Argentina’s oldest winery, sourcing grapes from the world’s highest-altitude vineyards.

Day 04

Dating back to 1769, and with some of the region’s oldest colonial art and 300-year old mummies, Finca El Carmen, is a must-see. Enjoy a delicious lunch where we will revel in the spectacular views of the Calchaquí Valley and its long mountain canyon.

Day 05

Visit Piattelli, the newest winery in town, then stop for a lunch at Bodega Las Nubes, a small family-run organic vineyard, and admire the exceptional scenery.

Day 06

Walk through the El Esteco vineyards and taste different varietals, recognizing what makes each one unique. Then visit San Pedro de Yacochuya and learn how altitude increases flavors and colors.

Day 07

Drive north along the scenic Route 68, returning to Salta through the spectacular Río Calchaquí Valley.

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7 days
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Salta, Argentina


Colome Winery

Isasmendi Winery

Finca El Carmen

Piattelli Vineyards

Las Nubes Vineyards

El Esteco Vineyards

Yacochuya Winery

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