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Experts in crafting personalized journeys to Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay

In a region that spans 2,760 miles in length, it’s not easy to create relationships with savvy locals. Good thing we don’t mind hard work.

The Southern Cone is one of the most captivating parts of the Earth; a place where we’ve uncovered the trails, slopes, and cycle paths that take you far from well-trodden routes. We’ve spent years cultivating ties with locals who become your guides and travel companions; the ones who will share intimate knowledge of their backyard, invite you to stay at their estancias, and bring meaning to your travels. Here, adventure doesn’t have to be active and luxury doesn’t have to mean five-star. Yet authentic does mean the privilege of having Upscape on your side.



Imagine skiing the slope of an active volcano, enjoy a chef’s dinner at a winemaker’s private hacienda, or heli-hiking in the Andes Mountains.


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A long country of staggering geographic diversity, Chile is a bucket-list destination for any outdoor adventurer or wine lover.



Known for its Malbec wines, the tango, and its cuisine, Argentina is one of the culture hubs of South America and should not be missed.



If you’re looking for a less-traveled destination, Uruguay is a great option with its beautiful beaches, charming historic towns, and boutique wineries.


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