A country of intense flavors and landscapes.

Regions to Explore

From the bustling, cosmopolitan flair of Buenos Aires to the expansive landscape of the pampas, Argentina is sure to impress. Get lost in the fervent rhythms of a captivating tango while sipping a glass of Malbec.

Some of our favorite experiences include:

Glacier Hiking In Patagonia

The Viedma Glacier, located outside of El Chaltén, is much-less frequented than its popular El Calafate alternative, Perito Moreno, which makes you really feel like you are hiking in the remote wilderness. This is, without a doubt, a unique hiking opportunity in Patagonia.

Sipping Malbec In Mendoza

Argentina is home to over 75 percent of all acres of Malbec in the world, and trust us, it’s good Malbec. Head to Mendoza, enjoy a wine lodge stay and plenty of winery visits and you’ll understand. When you visit Argentina, be sure to have a glass – or better yet, a glass with every meal!

Adventuring Around Iguazu

With more than 245 waterfalls, Iguazú is certainly one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights. The roar of the water is deafening and the power of the water overwhelming. Though shared with Brazil, this is one of Argentina’s natural wonders that you must visit and experience.

See The Sunrise In Salta

Argentina’s stunning northwestern province of Salta has a wide range of contrasting microclimates in a single region, creating a unique environment for producing unique, high-quality wines. Vineyards stretch over 3,200 has/8,000 acres and thrive at remarkable altitudes, with some reaching as high as two miles above sea level.

Tango In Buens Aires

Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is filled with art galleries, street markets, exclusive boutiques, beautiful people, and gourmet cuisine. The city has a seductive aura, full of old-world elegance paired with modern attitude. From the cobblestone streets of barrio San Telmo which fill every Sunday with a wildly popular fair to the graceful ballet and opera at the historic Teatro Colón to the sleek restaurants lining the waterfront in Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires swiftly captures the hearts of all who visit.

…But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Traveler Reviews

As the mayor of San Francisco and a private citizen, I have had an opportunity to travel to many wonderful countries…but our trip to Argentina and Chile this year has become one of the best ever. Your expert guidance and assistance with every phase was invaluable. Every day’s events and activities felt like they were specific to our particular interests and not part of a conventional “package.” And the food and wine were magnificent in city neighborhoods and out in the countryside. The personnel you selected as guides and drivers at each location were obviously well informed as well as most trustworthy. When the spouse of our companion couple was taken ill and required hospital treatment, you and our guides were with us every step of the way like family. We will be back soon!

-Art Agnos, San Francisco, CA

I can speak for both of us in saying we have a great admiration for Chile/Argentina, the people we met and places we visited. Going with Upscape was the best thing we did. You and your staff made the trip relaxing and stress-free right from the start, and truly more special than I think either of us thought it would be. I’ve already told several people about the trip and how your services added so much to it. We honestly can’t think of anything we would change…well, except staying longer!

-Kathy B., Baltimore, MD

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