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Iguazú Falls

Spellbinding views, meandering paths and unfathomable amounts of water

Iguazú, Argentina

In the northeast corner of Argentina, 275 distinct waterfalls slice the mighty Iguazú River into its upper and lower courses. In the Guaraní native language, Iguazú means “big river,” and is it ever! Upon viewing the immense falls at Iguazú, former U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exclaimed “Poor Niagra!” The waterfalls stretch 82m high (270ft), and within Iguazú National park it is possible to see the intersection of three nations – Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay – from a single lookout over the river.  A series of meandering catwalks leads visitors on a safari through tropical forests, ending at the very mouth of the famed Devil’s Throat section of the falls.

When to go

We recommend visiting in the off-season (fall or spring). During the winter the water flow lessens and during the summer the humidity and crowd levels soar.

How to Arrive

Flights from Buenos Aires (EZE): 1 hr 50 mins

Flights from Sao Paulo (GRU): 1 hr 40 mins

Good to know

Language: Spanish Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS) Visas/fees: Travel to Argentina does not require a visa for US/US/EU/CAN/AUS travelers. AUS citizens must pay a reciprocity fee. Please note that if you plan to see the falls from the Brazilian-side, US/CAN/AUS need a Brazilian visa.

What to do at the Iguazú Falls





Iguazú Falls

Immerse yourself in the jungle and the falls in all ways – boat, helicopter, by foot, bike, kayak and zipline!
La Cantera Iguazu

Iguazú Falls

Enjoy an Argentine BBQ

Ready to go? Here’s what to pack

As with any jungle destination, preparing for the conditions will help improve your experience immensely.

  • Closed-toed, comfortable walking shoes
  • Small backpacks or cross-bodied bags
  • Sun protection (hat, sunscreen)
  • Waterproof layer (poncho, pants and jacket)
  • Bathing suit

Where to stay: Overnight Recommendations

Hotel Awasi at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

AWASI Iguazu


Loi Suites

Belmond Das Cataratas Hotel Reference

Das Cataratas

Tips from our Team

  • The Upper Circuit, which takes you to the top ridge of several falls, is best in the early morning or at sunset when you are likely to see gorgeous rainbows (sometimes double rainbows!).
  • What you might not expect when going to Iguazú is the variety of rainforest critters and creatures. Keep an eye out for toucans, butterflies, coatimundi raccoons, iguanas hidden in the leaves, turtles, and hummingbirds, especially in the summer months.
  • Keep in mind that you can always see this rainforest region in a less common way. Experience Iguazu in by ziplining through the trees or biking on dirt paths through the forest.