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Upscape offers unique travel experiences to Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Antarctica.

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The Southern Cone, a region that spans more that 2,760 miles in length, is one of the most captivating parts of our planet—a place where the trails, ski slopes and cycle paths are more often than not still yet to be discovered. Where Chilean winemaking and estancias have deep roots that carry forward age-old traditions, yet the modern culinary scene continues to make world news.


Getting a bit outside of our comfort zone lets us completely connect with Patagonia’s stunning landscapes. From trekking through remote Patagonia to guided fly fishing, Patagonia has a lot of adventure to offer. Bring your camera and join us in the sublime light of Northern Patagonia to explore the dramatic views of this far-flung land. For those who hike, and even those who don’t, the sheer abruptness of the giant rocky outcroppings of Patagonia will astound. The castle-like spires of Cerro Castillo, offer a four-day hiking circuit, or simply a stunning view as clouds roll over and dissipate. Hikes in Torres del Paine pass the two-colored giant stone massif before hikers ascend to the base of the towers themselves.


Have dinner with a winemaker, ski the Andies, cycle around Lago Llanquihue, kayak the crystalline waters of Lago General Carrera. “There’s something for everyone” has never been truer than when referring to exploring Chile. Chile’s capital is a vibrant city full of character, with a thriving arts culture, trendy restaurant scene, and lively nightlife. Embraced on all sides by mountains – the mighty Andes to the east and the smaller coast range to the west – on a clear day Santiago boasts one of the most incredible city scenes in the world. In the north lies the driest desert in the world; in the south, immense glaciers crawl over the wind-swept Patagonian terrain; and in between, volcanoes, lakes, mountains, and forests prove that the world’s most breathtaking geography is Chilean.


From the bustling, cosmopolitan flair of Buenos Aires to the expansive landscape of the pampas, Argentina is sure to impress. Home to one of the most unique hiking Opportunites in the world, the Viedma Glacier. The Glacier is located outside of El Chaltén, which is much-less frequented than its popular El Calafate alternative, Perito Moreno, which makes you really feel like you are hiking in the remote wilderness. Not to mention, Argentina is home to over 75 percent of all acres of Malbec in the world and has more than 245 waterfalls, Iguazú is certainly one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights.


Known for a long time as South America’s best-kept secret, Uruguay boasts pristine beaches, historic cities, world-class gastronomy, and a vibrant nightlife. While Uruguay may be a small country, it’s the world’s largest producer of this delicious red wine, Tanat, is the National Grape. From horseback riding through the woodlands to fishing excursions and canoe trips, travel enthusiasts come here to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the countryside.


ANTARCTICA XXI takes you to one of the most spectacular places on earth, the coldest, highest, windiest, driest and remotest continent – Antarctica. There really is only one word to describe Antarctica: stunning. With enormous ice shelves, mountains, resilient fauna, and the frozen seas, there is no other place on earth. You’re bound to see the classic Emperor Penguins (in addition to many, many others) and, trust us, up close they are as cute as you’ve imagined.  Antarctica hosts a larger population of seals and whales. You are likely to see giant Orca, Sperm, Blue, and Humpback whales during daily excursions or onboard.


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We visited Chile to experience its wines and cuisine. We considered other tour operators but kept coming back to Upscape based on trip advisor’s reviews – and we are glad we did. We visited 9 wineries in all in the Colchagua, Casablanca, and San Antonio valleys. All our guides were proficient in English, very knowledgeable, and service oriented. We highly recommend Upscape for those visiting Santiago and surrounding wine country.

Bill and Ruth M. in Green Valley, AZ

“Please convey once again to all your colleagues our great pleasure in being so well taken care of. Our guides in Puerto Montt, Coyhaique and Santiago were excellent and accommodating, and our pilots were skilled and gracious”.

David Rockefeller in New York City, NY

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