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Mysterious moai, ancient volcanoes and alluring white-sand beaches

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

The most remote island on Earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Polynesian Easter Island is a destination that not many get the chance to explore. Though famous for its more than 1,000 Moai, giant stone statues, the island has a lot to offer those who are looking for more – scuba diving in an indescribable-blue ocean, secret caves, horseback riding, scenic bike rides, and plenty of picturesque sites along the coastline.

When to go

June/July is rainy season, January to March is high season and hotter, off seasons is less crowded and temperate weather.

Flight Times

From Santiago: 5 hrs 50 mins

Good to know

Language: Spanish Currency: Chilean Peso (CLP) Visas/fees: Travel to Chile does not require a visa for US/US/EU/CAN/AUS travelers. AUS citizens must pay a reciprocity fee.

What to do in Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

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Curanto gastronomic experience Easter Island

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Local Gastronomic Experience


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Learn about the Moi up close and personal with our local guide and Rapa Nui native, Josefina


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Cycle across the island

Orongo, Easter Island

Highlight moments

Explore Orongo, a ceremonial stone village along the rim of crater Rano Kau

Ready to go? Here’s what to pack

Though Rapa Nui is a Chilean island, the weather differs greatly from the mainland. Winters are mild and summers are sub-tropical, humid and warm, which makes a great beach getaway anytime of the year.

  • Beach clothes and bathing suits!
  • Active wear appropriate for biking and hiking
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Camera gear
  • Sunblock (summer sun is strong)

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Tips from our Team

  • Flights are only available from Tahiti or Santiago (five hours)
  • The Tapati festival (the first two weeks of February) is a Rapa Nui celebration of the culture with music, food, dance and traditional sports, and a very popular time to visit the island.

Where to stay: Overnight Recommendations

Explora Rapa Nui

Explora Rapa Nui

Sunset at Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui

Hanga Roa