Beachfront promenades, cobbled streets and café culture

Expansive and historic Montevideo is Uruguay’s energetic and eclectic capital city rich with culture and locals eager to share it with you. Uruguay has more writers, musicians, poets, and artists per capita than most countries, and this creativity contributes to the thriving theater, arts, and club scenes that characterize Montevideo today. The city is filled with colorful cafes, cozy tango bars, and trendy restaurants with international influences. Make sure to take time to explore the colonial neighborhood of Ciudad Vieja, enjoy a ballet or concert at the historic Teatro Solis, stroll through the Plaza Independencia, and visit the 19th century mansion Museo Casa de Rivera. Relax with some time at the beach, a round of golf, or a generous plate of fresh seafood accompanied by a glass of the local Tannat wine.


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