Colonial architecture, ancient Incan influence and seductive terrior-driven wines

Argentina’s stunning northwestern province of Salta has a wide range of contrasting microclimates in a single region, creating a unique environment for producing unique, high-quality wines. Vineyards stretch over 3,200 ha (8,000 acres) and thrive at remarkable altitudes, with some reaching as high as two miles above sea level. The uniquely Argentine Torrontés variety is the region’s most celebrated, while Malbec, Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo are true standouts among the red grapes, increasingly garnering awards and attention around the globe. With colonial architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and a rich Inca-inspired cultural history, sophisticated Salta is always a favorite among those who visit.


Important Notes

  • Salta is about a seven-hour drive from San Pedro de Atacama and a two-hour flight from Buenos Aires
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