Chile's Flowering Desert Phenomenon: "El Desierto Florido"


Chile’s Flowering Desert: El Desierto Florido

If there is a single natural phenomenon that plant-lovers and beauty seekers spend a lifetime waiting for, it is the flowering desert. This event, which tends to happen infrequently, and only after rains uncharacteristic in the desert, is known to happen in three main places in the world: Australia, the United States, and the north of Chile.

We’ve worked with local Desierto Florido experts to craft a special trip that includes an exploration of the blooming desert, as well as the best of San Pedro de Atacama and all of the mystic valleys in-between. We’ll sip pisco where it’s made, stargaze in some of the world’s clearest skies and wonder at Chile’s northern region from coastal islands to volcanic geysers.


Day 01

TOUCH | down in Chile’s second-oldest city, La Serena, known for its long beaches, neo-classical architecture + astronomical observatories

QUENCH | your thirst by sampling some of the best pisco at one of Valle del Elqui’s pisqueras

WISH | on a shooting star as you stargaze in some of the world’s clearest skies


Day 02

WADDLE | alongside the Humboldt penguins as we explore Isla Damas (“Women’s Island”) + keep your eyes open for dolphin or whale sightings

SAVOR | the fresh flavors of the sea as you enjoy a handmade empanada with locals

MARVEL | at the first sightings of the Desierto Florido as we make our way to the small town of Huasco

Day 03

SOAK | in the beauty of the rolling hills of flowers as we meander through the Parque Nacional Llanos de Challe

TRAVEL | along the Pacific coast in search for Leontochir ovallei

Day 04

VENTURE | Head to Parque Nacional Pan de Azúcar, a protected area where the Atacama Desert connects with the Pacific Ocean forming a region bursting with unique plantlife

MOON WALK | through the iconic Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), aptly named for its seemingly lunar landscape. Unique rock and salt formations carved over millions of years by floods and wind appear as though sculpted by man.

Day 05

FLOAT | in the salty waters of Laguna Cejar, surrounded by incredible salt crystals

TAKE A DIP | in the clear and fresh waters of nearby Ojos del Salar (Eyes of the Salt Flat)

AWE | at a spectacular sunset over the Tebinquinche Lagoon


Day 06

WONDER | at the vast white salt flats of Salar de Atacama (Salt Lake) dotted with bright pink flamingos enjoying the National Flamingo Reserve.

CONNECT | to locals in the small town of Toconao, with only about 600 inhabitants who make their living through agriculture and artisan handcrafts (llama wool, cactus wood, volcanic rock, and alpaca wool).


Day 07

WATCH | the sunrise over the Tatio Geysers, found at an altitude of more than 14,000 feet, about 55 miles outside of San Pedro. El Tatio, which in Quechua means “old man crying”, is the third largest geyser field in the world and takes our breath away every time it erupts.

Sept. 22-29 (7D / 6N)
Price Per Person Starting at $3,271 USD

Copiapó, Chile

La Serena, Chile

Isla Damas

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

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