Boragó is One of the Best Restaurants in the World

Boragó restaurant in Santiago, Chile, takes prize in World’s 50 Best Restaurants competition, announced earlier this week.

In all of Chile, you won’t get any more careful, exquisitely prepared or unusually presented food than Chilean Rodolfo Guzmán’s uptown Santiago restaurant, Boragó. But you can still get a reservation, provided you plan ahead, for his multi-course tasting menus with wine or juice pairings.

All of the food is locally sourced, much of it foraged, and all of it served at his stark restaurant where, in addition to the taste, Guzman’s artistic focus is on the intricacy of presentation. Dishes based on the life cycle of a particular tree, or on a bloom that comes once a year for just a few weeks, or wafer-thin crackers made of sea asparagus are just a few of the things that can grace your plate at this eatery, which, earlier this week, was named number 36 in the top 50 restaurants in the world.

The best may be yet to come. With Boragó hovering at number two in the top 50 restaurants in Latin America, Santiago and Guzmán could be poised to take the number one restaurant in Latin America at the next awards ceremony.


Borago is a top restaurant in Santiago, Chile.

Rodolfo Guzman, right, in the Boragó test kitchen where over 700 dishes were created in 2014 alone.


Stunning dish from Borago restaurant in Santiago, Chile

One of the many Instagram-worthy creations at Boragó.


Rodolfo Guzman of Borago.

Guzman placing the final touches on a dessert with maqui berries from the south of Chile.

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