6 Most Romantic Destinations In Argentina

People go on vacations with many goals in mind, photography, relaxation, a total disconnect from their daily lives. Couples looking for a little private time and romance seek out unique experiences, privacy, and excellent service. Here are some of Upscape’s favorite picks in Argentina. We start with the west of the country, from north to south, starting with Juyjuy, and heading down to wine-loving Mendoza, then skip down to Argentina’s Lakes Region to Bariloche, and then from there, head south one of the southernmost cities in the world, Ushuaia. We then head back to the north to the jungle-bound crashing Iguazú falls to many people’s favorite South American Capital of Buenos Aires.

Northwestern Argentina, Purmamarca/Jujuy

Salta-Wine-Tours-UpscapeThe northwestern part of Argentina is one of the most under-visited parts of Argentina we know. Visitors often start in the colonial city of Salta, with its classic, multi-colored architecture, cobblestoned streets, and a large lush hill from which you can overlook the whole city. From here, out of the sub-tropical climate, begins the northern desert of Argentina. To the southwest of Salta is Cachi, a cute, colonial town with buildings made of thick adobe, which kept out the bright sun. The access here is down a long, narrow road that passes many phenomenal rock formations that people liken to cathedrals, buildings of ancient civilizations and even the Titanic. Or from Salta, heading north are the colorful areas of Purnamarca and Juyjuy (say: hooey-hooey) that are perfect for desert exploration. They both have good access the Quebrada de Humahuaca (a canyon), in which the unusually-hued Cerro de Los Siete Colores (seven-colored mountain) is located. This area is great for hiking, photography and evening and nighttime stargazing in Salinas Grandes, as the area enjoys clear, dark skies. To enjoy this unique and paradisiacal landscape, Upscape recommends the following hotels: NOA Cachi (Salta) and Purnamarca (Juyjuy), La Merced del Alto, El Cortijo,  & Hotel Marqués de Tojo.


Cavas Wine Lodge

Mendoza, in the central part of Argentina, but farther west, abutting the Andes is one of a few select places in the world known for its concentration of high-quality vineyards. Many people call it Argentina’s Napa Valley, but in truth, there are three major wine areas close to Mendoza, and of these, we recommend Luján, which has a long tradition of fine winemaking and good wine tourism, and is close to Mendoza, and the Valle del Uco, which is about an hour’s drive due south. Wine country in this part of Argentina tends to be on flatlands backed by tall peaks, and the views of the vineyards and the colorful sunsets, as well as luxurious hotel stays are known to attract newlyweds, honeymooners and other couples looking for a romantic getaway. Horseback riding, wine tastings, and gourmet meals are all part of the experience.

In Luján, we recommend the luxurious Cavas Wine Lodge at the foot of the Andes, and in Valle del Uco, the Vines Resort and Spa for two spectacular romantic getaway spots.

Bariloche and La Angostura

Loscauquenes Couple Vacation

Far further south, in the mid-south of Argentina, lies the lakes region, which is known for its beautiful vegetation, the closeness of the snow-capped Andes, crisp air, and beautiful reflections in the many lakes. Here two spots we can recommend are Bariloche and Villa La Angostura. Bariloche is. There’s a lakes circuit that visitors can make, Bariloche is known for chocolates…

In Bariloche, Upscape recommends two different properties, which are lodge called Llao Llao which looks like a Swiss villa, set against the azure lake and local vegetation, and secondly, the Charming Lodge, which offers private spa service in every suite. If you think Villa La Angostura is more your style, Las Balsas, which is a Relais and Chateaux property. It gets high marks from visitors, with refined, serene furnishings set into a beautiful Patagonian landscape.


Fjords of Terra del Fuego Chile CruiseTierra del Fuego, the island at the end of the world sits just across the straight of Magellan from the end of the cone that is South America offers many activities for people passing through, either on a South American adventure or en route to Antarctica. The small city is set on a hill above the Beagle Channel, and there are several hikes accessible from the city itself, for views over the channel. As if to highlight the important maritime history of the city, one of the highlights here is to sail the Beagle Channel, sailing past sea lion colonies, peeping at the cormorants holding their wings open to the wind after diving for fish, and most of all, watching the streaky purple Patagonian sunset disappear into darkness as night falls.

Upscape recommends the property of Los Cauquenes for a romantic escape in Ushuaia. It is located in the private bay of Cauquén on the Beagle Channel, and they can arrange for dining aboard the Akawaia as you sail the calm waters.


La Cantera IguazuWhile you can visit Iguazú falls from both Brazil and Argentina, here we consider the Argentine side for a romantic visit. The tropical environment of some of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls make a perfect setting for a romantic vacation, with crashing water, birdsong, and many random butterfly landings (if recent visits are any indication) as a backdrop. Perhaps the most romantic trip of all to Iguazú involves a much less populated full moon visit, which is done for five days a month surrounding the full moon.

In this tri-border area (Brazil and Paraguay are within short driving distance), Upscape’s pick is Loi Suites Iguazú , which is located in the subtropical Iryapú jungle, a short drive from the airport and falls.

Buenos Aires

Buenos-Aires-La-BocaMany people’s favorite capital city in Latin America, there are many things to recommend Buenos Aires as a perfect romantic getaway. There’s the undeniable charge of watching coquettish and sensual tango dancers, whether on the street or a performance, long walks in the storied streets or shopping for books at one of the world’s most famous bookstores (Atenas) or historical walks through the Recoleta Cemetery. Then there’s the fact that everything in Buenos Aires happens late at night, from 10 PM dinners to late-night milongas (tango dances). Or try a sunset tour on the delta on a private boat, to take in the long sunsets over the Río de La Plata that brought Argentina so much wealth in its heydey. There’s a certain kind of nostalgia to feel in Buenos Aires, even if you’ve never been there before, and you can certainly throw a little romance in without too much effort.

In Buenos Aires, we recommend the Hub Porteño which offers luxury personalized experiences in and around Buenos Aires.

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